Commercial Property Solicitors

Purchase or renting of a commercial property can become highly contentious if the legal aspects of the deal are not handled properly. Both the property owner and the seller or tenant need to protect their interests when buying or renting a commercial property in the UK. It requires hiring the services of a commercial property solicitor. It is important for both parties to hire their own solicitor. It helps avoid conflict of interest faced by the solicitor.

Extra information about commercial property solicitors

What Are commercial property solicitors?

When a commercial property like office, factory, industrial place, retail store, or any other property that will be used for commercial purpose is purchased or rented, both the property owner and the seller or renter must comply with the property laws. There are different types of agreements and other documents that must be drafted, prepared, vetted and signed properly. These legal documents cannot be drafted and prepared by people who have no knowledge of UK property laws. Only a solicitor specialising in commercial property can handle such tasks.

Types of Services Provided by a Commercial Property Lawyer

This type of lawyer provides complete start to end solution related to the legal aspects of a property deal. Individuals, firms and companies that are part of the deal need legal advices. Whether someone wants to dispose or acquire a commercial property, all legal formalities must be completed as required by the law. Such a solicitor can advise even on a project that is still in the planning stage or under development. Borrowers and lenders who are part of a property deal must get their loan documents vetted by a solicitor. The lawyer can provide information on potential sources of property funding. Different aspects of a property deal, such as licenses, leases, easements, disputes, insolvency, surrenders, sale and lease backs, and rights of light are handled by the solicitor. The agreement drafted by the solicitor clearly defines all terms and conditions. A tenancy agreement makes it clear who is responsible for the maintenance of the property. Services of a property solicitor are needed when a property dispute arises. Appeals, closure orders, prosecutions, temporary event notice, operating schedules and other aspects of the business are clearly defined in the agreement document.

Commercial Property Solicitors in Relation to Discrimination Claims

Services of a property solicitor are needed by potential buyers and tenants as well as existing tenants when they face discrimination from property owners. There are different types of discrimination claims that claimants can file. The issue could be a case of direct or indirect harassment, victimisation or bullying. It is important to seek help of a property lawyer who has experience of handling such cases. Discrimination related to disposal or management of the property are covered under the Equality Act. Individuals denied purchase or rental of a commercial property due to discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, age or other reasons can file a discrimination case against the property owner. Even businesses can bring up discrimination claim if it can be established that the denial of purchase or rental of the property was due to discriminatory practice or view.

Commercial property lawyers offer all these services and more. They offer both standard and tailor-made solutions. Standard solutions are needed during the usual property deals. Customised solutions are needed when one party wants changes in the standard terms and conditions, or when there is a property dispute.